Taoist priest YOU Xuande(游玄德道長 

Taoist Names: Yujingzi(玉京子), Dongtian Zhenren(洞天真人)

Taoist Name given by the leader of the 13th generation: Wudang Taiji Daoren(武當太極道人)

Self-coined Taoist Name: Songhe Shanren(松鶴山人)

Birth Place: Jinzhou of Hebei province of China

Main Positions


Ex-Chief Taoist Priest of Jinding (the Golden Temple on the Peak) of Wudang Mountains


Leader of the 14th generation of Wudang Pai

President of South Wudangshan Taoist Association

Vice-chairman of the Consultative Council of Hubei Provincial Taoist Association

Officer of the International Exchange Committee of Hubei Provincial Taoist Association

President of World Federation of Health Preservation

Founder & Lifelong Honorary President of European Taoist Association

Founder & Lifelong Honorary President of Unión Taoísta de España

Founder & Lifelong Honorary President of Associazione Taoista Italiana

President of the Culture Studies Society of Wudang Taoism

Director of South Wudang Taoist Chinese Calligraphy and Paintings Academy

Member of Huanggang City of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference

Consultant of the documentary ‘Dragons in Wudang’ produced by National Geographic

Main Honors and Recognition

Inheritor of Intangible Cultural Heritage of China (Wudang Esoteric Impartation of Internal Martial Arts)’ granted by Hubei provincial government

⦁‘Great Contributors in Promoting Chinese Traditional Martial Arts 2017’ granted by Wudangshan Wudangquan Research Committee

⦁‘Great Contributor of Wudang Martial Arts’ granted by Wudangshan Wudangquan Research Committee

⦁‘Supreme Grandmaster of Taijiquan’ and ‘World Nine Taijiquan Grandmasters’ granted by Yongnian International Taijiquan Union

⦁‘World Outstanding Wushu Master’ granted by International Wushu Federation

⦁‘The 16th Global Award of Outstanding Chinese Culture and Arts Inheritance – Martial Arts Section’ granted by Taiwan Region

⦁‘International Ambassador of Chinese Wushu’ granted by World Wushu Society

Chinese paintings have been collected by governmental organizations

Over 30 books have been published about Taoism, martial arts studies and poets